Public buses better than private vehicles to Maroon Bells |

Public buses better than private vehicles to Maroon Bells

In response to Mr. Ernie Fyrwald regarding regarding his position on eliminating bus service to the Maroon Bells, I would like to present my experience from the past 10 years living about 40 feet from Maroon Creek Road, at T-Lazy-7 Ranch (“Bus service not needed to Bells,” letters, May 30, The Aspen Times).

Before the bus service was brought up to speed, when cars were the primary means for a tourist to reach the Bells, there would frequently be a steady stream of cars all day long.

From my casual observations, there would generally be two people per car, occasionally three or four, but most often two. With the recorded number of annual visitors not riding a bicycle being somewhere around 250,000, that translates to well over 100,000 cars making the trip.

Once the shuttle bus and reservation system were implemented, the vehicular traffic dropped dramatically, so instead of several cars per minute, there is now a bus every 15 minutes or so (a bit more during the busiest times).

Cars are amazing devices, but using them to transport hundreds of thousands of people in this situation is very inefficient, and the noise and atmospheric pollution created is multiple times what the buses produce, particularly since Roaring Fork Transportation Authority is using a number of electric buses for the route.

Buses may not be the ideal solution for the heavy traffic to the Bells, but they are a huge improvement over private vehicles in virtually every way.

Carlie Siemel


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