Protecting our environment the right way

With admiration and appreciation, I write this letter of thanks to the Pitkin Board of County Commissioners and Pitkin County Road and Bridge for their stance to close Prince Creek Road for winter wildlife protection. Climate change has altered traditional closure protocols using snow-plowed banks to prevent easy-access into the closed wildlife winter range area. Also, heart-felt thanks to the homeowners, landowners, ranchers and water-right holders, who wrote letters of support for this initiative.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has identified the 9,100 acres of “The Crown” as one of the largest and contiguous acreages for critical wildlife winter survival in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Human development and human recreation, inflated by the population boom everywhere, has created untenable situations for wildlife survival.

Actual gates will be placed on both sides, top and bottom of Prince Creek Road to prevent motorized vehicles from winter access. Humans on foot will be able to access and continue to enjoy the Pitkin County road by walk-through openings for peaceful quiet experiences, while not disturbing the fragile wildlife in their winter habitat.

People of responsible conscience must take a stand to protect at-risk pockets of our environment from over use by humans. The welfare of our fragile ecosystems are our responsibility to keep in the balance.

Holly McLain

Communication chair, Roaring Fork Valley Horse Council