Protect Garfield County’s past, vote ‘yes’ on 1A |

Protect Garfield County’s past, vote ‘yes’ on 1A

Each community in Garfield County has a unique history and a dedicated group of volunteers working to restore old and threatened facilities, to identify and preserve historic sites, to provide educational opportunities, and to answer visitors’ questions about western Colorado and Garfield County’s special places and special stories.

Garfield County commissioners should be thanked for allowing a dedicated group of citizens the opportunity to create the Historic Garfield County proposal that enables those of us who honor the places in Garfield County and who respect the lives of those who came before us to fund, upon careful review, the historical societies of Grand Valley, Rifle, Silt, New Castle, Glenwood Springs and Carbondale.

A “yes” vote on 1A will enable the establishment of a citizen’s committee with specific guidelines and obligations and responsibilities and oversight dedicated to the enhancement and preservation of our unique resources. The proposal includes a sunset clause so that citizens can review the program’s success after its initial trial period.

Be part of the preservation and enhancement team … show your respect for our places and our history and those who came before us. Vote “yes” on 1A.

Dorothea Farris