Proposition 112 protects communities, environment

Last week three members of the Pitkin County Democrats visited me at my home to promote their campaigns and policies. After perusing their printout I asked them why they’d declined to take a position on Proposition 112. Also known as the “Safer Setback” rule, Prop 112 will increase the minimum distance between new fracking wells and homes, schools, playgrounds and water sources. This would mean that fewer people get exposed to toxic air pollutants in their backyards. Restricting drilling also will help protect our rivers and aquifers from contamination and lower the risk of earthquakes. Most importantly, decreasing the extraction and burning of fossil fuels at this moment is critical in the fight against climate change, which literally threatens our species with extinction.

I received a mealy-mouthed response that the Pitkin County Democrats’ board “was not unanimous” regarding Proposition 112. Why is that, might we ask? It is because these cowards are beholden to big oil. This type of corporate centrism is a really good way to lose elections. If the Democrats are not willing to protect the health of Coloradans and defend our environment, both locally and globally, then they stand for nothing. This is my line in the sand. I will not cast a vote for any candidate, for any office, who does not publicly endorse Proposition 112.

Dustin Lutomski