Prop up Basalt nonprofits

For Basalt residents or businesses entitled to the town’s “TABOR refund,” we strongly encourage you to join us in pledging all or a portion of your refund to Basalt nonprofits serving the community.

The Basalt Area Gives campaign was created by Basalt locals, and is a proactive program for people to seamlessly donate their town of Basalt TABOR tax refund to the Basalt nonprofits of their choice that serve our community. The website provides all the information needed to learn about and participate in this program.

Together we can create a sizable fund that goes directly to assisting our varied and valuable local nonprofits. As proud business owners in Basalt, we see the Basalt Area Gives campaign as a great opportunity to give back and easily invest in the long term positive future of our community. The town of Basalt will be issuing refunds by the end of the month, so please act quickly.

Scott Miller

Patrick, Miller & Noto, PC, Basalt