Prop CC is good step toward statewide deBrucing |

Prop CC is good step toward statewide deBrucing

Proponents of Proposition CC, the ballot issue that’d allow the state to retain revenue for transportation and education needs, are adamant that it’s not a tax increase. Well, I suppose, eliminating your refund doesn’t technically raise your taxes, but it is going to cost you money.

Frankly, I don’t care. I have a rather cavalier attitude about taxes. The most heavily taxed people in the world are in Western Europe and Scandinavia. Perhaps coincidentally, these are the ones who also were judged recently to be the happiest people in the world based on how often they smile, laugh and their positive responses on questionnaires.

Apparently, the populus doesn’t mind paying through the nose if they get a return on their investment, such as a health care plan that works, education through four years of college, and the virtual abolition of poverty, homelessness and malnutrition.

I’d just moved to Colorado when a right-wing fanatic from Orange County, California, named Douglas Bruce passed a state amendment called the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights. It said the state government couldn’t raise taxes without a vote of the citizens and all excess revenue collected is to be refunded to the taxpayers.

“What kind of state have I moved to?” I recall thinking, “How can you finance a state government that way?”

In the 26 years hence, the obvious answer is you can’t. Our roads and bridges are in deplorable condition. Our best teachers are fleeing to other states. You get what you pay for. If you want a chintzy state, chintz out on your taxes. Prop CC is good first step toward total de-Brucing.

Fred Malo Jr.


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