Presidential candidate needs to challenge The Fed |

Presidential candidate needs to challenge The Fed

Presidential candidate needs to challenge The Fed

Open letter to presidential candidate Marianne Williamson:

For half our history America has prospered without a central bank. We issued our own debt free currency.

Lincoln paid for the Civil War with debt free “Greenback Dollars.” Thomas Jefferson warned that central banks are “more dangerous than standing armies.”

The Fed, our central bank, is a secret cartel of very wealthy private bankers, mostly European, who control our economy, who set our interest rates, who determine how many dollars flow though our wallets.

Meanwhile, taxpayers pay interest on the currency they issue. More and more every year, $389 billion do this year, as 59 went to education, we needlessly sustain those who corrupt and deprive us while enriching themselves.

Yet, not a single candidate has the courage, strength, honesty and smarts to stand and shout “End the Fed” as America has done three times before.

Marianne, lead America, unite America against a common foe.

The seed has been planted, signs are everywhere. College kids fill auditoriums and chant “End the Fed.”

A significant portion of Trump’s support came from citizens who hoped he would expose this obvious oppression, an agency of the Establishment, purveyor of corruption that is out of control, corruption you are exposing with such impressive grace, grit and insight.

During his first day in office, Trump proudly placed Andrew Jackson’s portrait, arch enemy, among many, of a central bank in the Oval Office.

We rejoiced! Yet, he has failed to take meaningful action.

Join with Rand and Ron Paul, a substantial Wing of the Republican Party, and together with your rapidly growing campaign of aware Democrats… oppose this obvious tyranny.

The facts are unambiguous, the argument simple, the cause just, America waits.

“End the Fed,” once again, at long last, and grace the White House.

Will Kesler,

Snowmass Village