Preserve the midvalley’s open space, say no to Tree Farm plan |

Preserve the midvalley’s open space, say no to Tree Farm plan

This letter was orginally sent to the Eagle County commisioners.

The Tree Farm Development has been looming over the midvalley for a long time.

The revised project is still gigantic. Urban sprawl is already taking over our open space.

This project is not good for the environment (additional car pollution); it’s not good for our schools (overcrowding); emergency services (strain on Basalt); infrastructure is not adequate (Creates more danger on Highway 82); and it will cause light pollution (blocking out our stars at night).

We do not need another hotel or chain store across from Willits. Please preserve the open space that exists in the mid-valley.

I am not able to attend this meeting. Many citizens from this community have attended these meetings in the past. They have filled the room to protest this project.

We are not an organized group against this project. It’s us as individuals up against big development.

They have been well-prepared in presenting this project; it’s their job. We attend meetings and stand up for public comment alone. We are all acting as individuals trying to preserve our quality of life.

I have been going to these meetings from the beginning. It is hard for working people to make it to all of these meetings. So a lot of the community is not being represented because they can’t attend.

Thank you for your time,

Patrice K. Becker