Preserve Richmond Ridge |

Preserve Richmond Ridge

As a model community in the big world, please look at the whole picture when considering the privatization of public lands on Richmond Ridge. Why the rush?

Rural and remote, wilderness, TDRs, wildlife, traffic, housing, the air we breathe, climate change, the gondola line. Not in any particular order, all will be affected.

Privatizing this area takes away the safest and easiest accessible intermediate/advanced backcountry terrain in the world. It is truly a gift that Aspen locals and visitors have enjoyed since skiing happened here. It would be a shame to take it away.

The majority of the proposed expansion area is already easily accessed on a downward sloped traverse behind the top of the gondola building. Yes, Da-Kine bowl, Pandora’s, Power Line, Rock Gully, and Harris … the best the area has to offer, no hiking. A short walk out and up past Walsh’s, then down to the ski area’s couch (lift 7) to do it again.

Richmond Ridge during the winter months is a huge asset for most winter enthusiasts. Aspen and Pitkin County must remain part of the solution to protect and preserve its land for our community and our future generations. I hope you think so too.

You can’t always get what you want, unless you are the Aspen Skiing Co … you get what you greed!

Mike Sladdin