Praying for Trump haters |

Praying for Trump haters

This letter is written from deep in the heart! I want to express the heartache that I experienced Saturday.

We have lived in our beautiful peace-filled Aspen for 50 years. John is teaching his 50th year at Aspen High School. We have always felt the freedom to be who we are and to choose by our own research and not be beat up by others.

I was proudly part of the joy-filled fun Trump Train. All was OK until we drove through our sweet Aspen town and people were flipping us off and yelling obscenities at us. My window was open and one young lady called me a “f—ing b—-.” I continued to say “We love you.” We do. It is a choice between love and hate, control and freedom of choice.

We would never hate anyone for their choice. We have prayed since the beginning of this pandemic for truth and healing for everyone in the whole wide world — yes, that’s a lot of people. God is that big. We know that he ultimately puts people in places of authority and we are trusting that is how it will be this time. It is up to each of us to search our hearts and be sorry for the wrongs we have done and the things we have not done that we should have. God sent his son to pay the price for those very things. We are humble and unconditionally loving of all. Without this we would be captives. We forgive those who were cursing us, we bless them and pray for them. Let’s live together in love.

John and Pam Fisher


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