Praying for those subjected to Rush’s verbal abuse

St. Mary’s had the intention (special prayer) for Rush Limbaugh during Wednesday’s Mass last week. While mass intentions for divisive figures, such as Mr. Limbaugh, are not precluded, we were hoping that during the mass it would at least have been made clear that, in this particular case, the intention offered was for the redemption and forgiveness of Mr. Limbaugh, given his many significant instances of dehumanizing rhetoric that run counter to the fundamental beliefs of the Catholic Church.

Since no such context was provided during the Mass, we would like here to add additional prayer intentions, in the hope that your readers may include them in their own daily prayers: For all those who have been injured and caused pain by hate-filled rhetoric and shameless demagoguery, may the Lord’s face shine upon you and give you peace! And for the church and all the faithful: May we love one another as brothers and sisters in the lord, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.

Nick and Katie Rizzo

Gilbert, Arizona