Pray for peace in Ukraine

Here we go again with another life-threatening crisis. I’d so much rather be having fun, but somehow the prospect of nuclear war with Russia compels me to write this warning.

Yes, what’s happening in the Ukraine at the moment is horrifying and our hearts and tears are with these poor people, but please, take a step back a minute. What are you being led to believe by the mainstream? What I’m seeing portrayed is that the Ukrainian president is a hero, valiantly fighting for his country and now pleading with an adoring U.S. Congress to not just supply weapons, but initiate a “No Fly Zone” over Ukraine. If this happens we will almost certainly be marching off the cliff toward World War III.

War with a nuclear power? That certainly won’t help the Ukrainians. And for what? So NATO and the U.S. can park even more weapons and bio labs on Russia’s doorstep? Putin certainly isn’t a good guy in this; it’s horrendous what he’s doing, but you must ask yourself, “What would our country do if a world power was encroaching on our borders?” (read the Minsk Agreement follow-up memo) It’s not an excuse for bloodshed, only another missing part of the equation.

The situation is extremely complex and there are few good actors in this latest game of chess, only innocent political pawns … the Ukrainian people. Yes, the pictures are tear jerking, but we must insist that the United States not escalate this brewing cauldron of catastrophe! Please call and write your members of Congress. Have we learned nothing from our most noteworthy liberal commentators like Noam Chomsky in his book “Manufacturing Consent”? Don’t be manipulated into war! Pray for peace and inform yourself instead!

Jackie Chenoweth