Praise for Basalt’s elected officials |

Praise for Basalt’s elected officials

Kudos to Basalt’s mayor and town council for moving forward with plans to make “green with grass and picnic tables” the Basalt River Park, hopefully, for a Fourth of July grand opening celebration complete with fireworks over the river.

More kudos for the foresight and vision of the Town Council for actively pursuing acquiring the remainder of the Pan and Fork property without raising property taxes.

With Basalt owning the entire property, Basaltines can then control what they want to do with their beautiful piece of midvalley property along the Roaring Fork River.

Perhaps Basalt could add an “Iron Mountain Hot Springs” overlooking their spectacular river banks like the one in Glenwood Springs?

Again, thanks to Mayor Jacque Whitsitt and council members Bernie Grauer, Mark Kittle, Gary Tennenbaum, Katie Schoerer, Jennifer Riffle and Auden Schendler.

Toni Kronberg

Snowmass Canyon