Practice TLC while fishing Roaring Fork Valley waters |

Practice TLC while fishing Roaring Fork Valley waters

The Roaring Fork Fishing Guide Alliance board of directors hopes all of you are enjoying summer in this truly unique and wonderful valley. I certainly know I have been enjoying it. Fishing — both fly-fishing and spin-fishing — are more popular now than ever before, with more folks participating than ever before.

Fishing itself is a great way to practice social distancing, as the sport lends itself to solitude or at least a little elbow room between anglers as we stay a rod-length apart from one another. One of the most important elements our fishing resource needs is cold, clean water. One of the challenges with a hot summer to date is the Roaring Fork, Crystal and Colorado river flows are quite low in volume and water temperatures are approaching 70 degrees. This combination of low water and high-water temperatures is a significant threat to the health of our fish. We need your help to take care of our finned friends. The fish in this valley are very precious to all of us, visitors and residents alike.

Please follow these simple suggestions while you are out fishing, and together we can all help our valley’s fish survive these challenging conditons:

1. Please use barbless hooks.

2. Please land fish as quickly as possible.

3. Please minimize the handling of fish, and keep them wet.

4. Please allow ample time to revive the fish so they leave your net or hand under their own power.

5. Please give yourself a high five and enjoy the moment of having caught your quarry.

Enjoy our valley, enjoy your time on the water and we thank you for helping our “finned friends” get through this warm weather.

Kyle Holt

President, Roaring Fork Fishing Guide Alliance