Practice then preach

The composition of all human life is spirit and matter (soul and body).
Since the matter of abortion has assumed prominent attention among believers and non-believers; that is, among the sacred and the secular; that is, among those who worship God and give obedience to His commandments … and those who don’t; a brief discussion might offer some clarity on this issue.

Since the Roman Catholic Church is now embroiled (deeply immersed) in the issue of abortion, along with concerns which it must resolve among its own clergy and the issue of pedophilia, the thought occurs that the sin (crime) of abortion is directed principally (perhaps solely) toward the body (matter) during the growth of the embryo. 

A certain difficulty arises for many; for prior to natural birth, a soul is said to exist, according to Church doctrine; but said soul exists neither rationally, irrationally, nor non-rationally.

One now considers the issue of pedophilia wherein an external attack brought against a body (matter) actually has the greater effect of damage (or death) to the soul (spirit) … for spirit is of infinitely (eternally) greater importance than matter. This, too, is Church doctrine.

In each case, unconscionable damage has been done.

And it must be stated that in the case of abortion, the Platonic descriptions of being and nonbeing must be introduced; for non-being (by definition alone) cannot be aborted.

Thus, the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church must, in view of recent Supreme Court legislation, look into itself and consider the immense, and possible, lasting damage which has been inflicted on those who were taught and trained to trust in Church wisdom and guidance.

Since philosophy and theology do not comprise the intellectual makeup of the common man, it is the Church’s responsibility to ensure that its leadership is properly qualified to practice its calling, and render pertinent moral decisions (without bias) while avoiding great error by failing to advance individual and universal good.

Art Allard