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Power of ‘we’ will unite in Women’s March

“I got elected on bringing our soldiers back home,” stated our president in his 2019 State of the Union address. Yet, just last week he bragged about selling troops to Saudi Arabia and South Korea, and apparently “we” got $1.5 billion for them. No, this money won’t be going to the soldiers or their families, or to any VA hospital. No, it won’t be going to bring down the deficit which has nearly doubled under Donald Trump’s time in office and has now topped $1 trillion.

Where will it go? Well, the average trip to Mar-a-lago costs around $3 million. In fact, your tax dollars are spent on travel, hotels and accommodations every time a member of the Trump family travels. I don’t think the Trumps need our tax dollars. I think if the soldiers are earning this paycheck, then it should go to them.

If you voted for Trump because you support the troops, this is where we may begin to have some common ground. If it bothers you that our president is selling our servicemen and women while at the same time wasting our hard-earned tax dollars for trips to his properties, we are not as divided as we may have thought. If you think the sacrifice our soldiers make every day is one of the greatest any American could offer, we agree. If you think the president should act in the best interest of the American people, we agree. If you think that the First Amendment gives us the right to say so, we agree. If you think this nation needs to heal, we agree.

Four years in a row the Women’s March has voiced these concerns, and a great many others. People have come together to stand up for what is right. I invite you to march with me Saturday at 11 a.m. We will meet at Centennial Park (828 Grand Ave.) in Glenwood Springs. A lot has changed in this country, but there is still some greatness left in each and every one of us. The powers that be are not stronger than the powers in we.

Lisa Dameron