Potential disaster in the making with Ascendigo proposal

I am a resident of Denver and have no voice in the Ascendigo debate. However, I lived on Fox Run Drive in Carbondale for years.

Fox Run is adjacent to Ascendigo, literally 1,000 feet from our former. For years I would walk our dogs over to and though the Ascendigo property. It is beautiful in the winter and the spring. However, there is a real fire risk in summer.

To make matters worse, the water supply is limited and almost certainly declining. Every year our HOA would confront the limited supply of water. Supplies were juggled to make sure we had sufficient water. We were lucky to have some ditch water rights, which in a good year would see us to the end of June but in a bad year would be gone by early May.

I have no idea whether Ascendigo has such rights. If not, I doubt the project can work. If they do, I worry that they will build a project which will be a terrible fire risk in a dry year. If there is a fire on the site I fear some children will be incinerated.

A great idea — but the wrong place.

Philip Verleger