Pot calling kettle black in Lift-Up situation

I was shocked at the Nov. 23 Aspen Times article titled “Local nonprofit food distributor under scrutiny.” How dare an executive at Aspen Skiing Co. tell a volunteer organization Lift-Up they are violating the public’s trust.

This reproach is laughable from an organization that for decades has not taken responsibility for its employees and relied on government and nonprofits to do the job they should have done. And the well-to-do famous part-time residents of Aspen also have a responsibility they have ignored.

Both groups are content to maintain their profitability and take care of their properties and be served by the volunteers from nonprofits like Lift-Up. They also are content to have employees and service people travel from downvalley where they can afford to live passing twice daily through Glenwood because they do not provide livable year-long homes in Aspen for the people who make their business a success and their mansions livable.

Your criticism will make it difficult for organizations like Lift-Up to get volunteers since they will be under the gun and waiting for Skico to “blow the whistle” again. Get off your high horse Skico and come down to Earth understanding where the real fault rests: not with Lift-up and volunteer organizations but with your board of directors.

Glenn Vawter

Glenwood Springs