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Pool for the people

The recent Carbondale candidates forum raised questions about the pool that I would like to address.

1. Allocate the rec tax to other purposes: The citizens voted twice to allocate a half-cent sales tax for recreational purposes. The trustees cannot simply reallocate these monies overriding the voice of the citizens. This is a perfect funding source without raising taxes.

2. Location: A thorough public input process has been conducted and the Sopris Park location was deemed the most suitable. The location behind the rec center was rejected for several reasons: limits future expansion of the rec center, limits public parking, adjacent residents’ concerns about impacts, and higher construction costs to remodel the rec center. The view of Mount Sopris and accessibility to Sopris Park were highly rated.

3. Footprint: The main addition, expanding into Sopris Park, would be the splash pad. This would be an amenity to the park and available when the pool closed.

4. Upgrade the existing pool: Options were vetted and experts said this was unfeasible. Current technology will not mesh with 40-plus-year-old infrastructure. This pool will not be repairable or usable within the next five years. It is not ADA compliant.

Carbondale’s town pool is a community resource:

— It serves all ages and demographics. It is affordable, centrally located, and easily accessible.

— Knowing how to swim is a life survival skill. Swim lessons are affordable and accessible to all ages and income levels.

— It provides jobs for teenagers.

— Offers a safe, wholesome, outlet for teenagers.

— Assists seniors with healthy activities.

— Creates family memories and offers stress relief and fun for all.

Passing question A is a great way to fund a much-needed resource for people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Hollis Sutherland