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Politics, beer and softball

Hey, Tom O’Keefe! Mr. Maurice Emmer is not a whiner. He is a teller of truth, a rare quality in Glitzburg.

Are the lies you write about like the ones Hillary and the DNC manufactured for the sham Mueller probe? Or like the lies Joe tells about not knowing anything about his addict son selling access to “Big Daddy”?

Before the election, anything about Hunter was a Russian disinformation smear. Now we find out the Hunter of bad habits has been under FBI investigation since 2018.

I gotta ask … you wouldn’t be the Tom O’Keefe I played with on the Midland Mad Dogs over 30 years ago? In case you are that good-hitting center fielder, let’s get together over a couple of beers and insult each others’ wise political convictions. I’ll buy.

( you can probably get my # from a valley paper, they require one with every letter)

Bruno Kirchenwitz