Polis the smart choice for governor

A recent article in Colorado Politics reported that the organization Americans for Prosperity, a political advocacy group backed by the Koch brothers, will invest heavily in three Republican candidates: Walker Stapleton, the gubernatorial candidate; Tim Neville, Senate District 16; and Christine Jensen, Senate District 20, in the upcoming November election.

Upward of $1 million might be shunted to the Stapleton race alone for TV ads and mailers.

The aim of this financial investment is to elect the candidates who will push Donald Trump’s agenda of dismantling our public schools, tax cuts for corporations, attacks on reproductive health, stripping health care from hundreds of thousands and privatization of our public lands.

Jared Polis, the Democratic candidate for governor, on the other hand is running a grassroots campaign. Polis for Colorado is not accepting donations over $100 total from individuals and is not accepting any Political Action Committee contributions. He believes that all Coloradans should have an equal stake in our state’s future and has worked to build a people powered campaign.

The differences in this fight could not be more stark. Polis is fighting to expand opportunity for Colorado families with affordable health care, better wages and more school funding and is up against an agenda that will make life harder for Coloradans, with less health coverage, decimated retirement benefits and underfunded schools.

Do we as Coloradans want our health care, education, living wages and our public lands to be hijacked by special interests and big money?

Say no to the Koch brothers. Do not let the negative TV ads and circulars lead you down a path that will be disastrous for our state.

Jared Polis is the people’s choice for our next governor.

Rose Pray


Letter to the Editor