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Polis protects water

We are staring down the barrel of a water crisis in western Colorado. The pain and hardship that we are facing, and will continue to face, with water is devastating. Not to belittle the water issues in the Denver area, but western Colorado’s position with water is more severe and more pressing. We need a governor with the know-how and ability to lead on this issue with western Colorado. I, along with many, have become convinced that we have that leader in Jared Polis, the strongest candidate for western water.

He took another trip recently to the western part of our state to discuss a multitude of issues and concerns. Polis addressed our concerns on water and he made it clear that this issue is at the top of his mind. He has had a great amount of experience leading on this issue in Congress because he has represented western Colorado communities in Congress for nearly 10 years.

Polis has committed to no new transmountain diversions of water without consensus and agreement from western Colorado communities. If we elect Polis as our next governor, the state of Colorado will prioritize increased water storage and cutting-edge technology.

Polis, having fought for Colorado on the federal level, has an invaluable ability to work with other states and the federal governor to solve our worst water problems. Polis is the only candidate for governor that we can trust to work with our neighboring states to create and adjust water deals and compacts in the best interests of Colorado.

This has been a hard water year for western Colorado and our struggles won’t end soon. We need a governor who can represent our water needs in western Colorado: the only choice is Jared Polis.

Peter Westcott