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‘Plight of Man’

This is about those who have tried and failed; I have named it “Plight of Man.”

Live the simple life they say

take the path well trodden

work your fingers to the bone

unless you be forgotten

Yet every man is one apart

each one special truly

a different way do not deny

you just may be unruly

You may lead or you may follow

it does not really matter

do your best in what you do

from now to ever after

Stay true to you try not to fail

but rest assured my friend

each mistake that comes your way

is another means to an end

Time won’t wait for mortal man

no matter what he’s done

the bell will toll across the land

in regret we stand as one

Take each day and celebrate

it rests warily on the table

your future is not guaranteed

so dance while you are able

The price of love is grief

don’t let that turn your face

drop your tears with dignity

and join the human race

As you travel through this world

call each one a brother

all our fates are bound together

may you feel for one another

Prentice Billings


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