Plenty of cons to widening Aspen runway |

Plenty of cons to widening Aspen runway

Just say no to widening the Aspen-Pitkin County Airport runway.

Spending millions to allow louder, larger private and commercial planes to land here doesn’t help us as a community. Years of construction including moving (yes, moving) Owl Creek Road and trail over is just the start.

We can’t control the type of planes that land here despite the good intentions of our county commissioners. As soon as we are a Class III airport we’ll have huge, stinky, loud jets dropping off one or two people and poisoning our air. It’s bad enough already. The idea that bigger planes equal fewer flights is laughable at best. The airlines will decide what aircraft and how often regardless of our desires.

Overhaul the airport terminal — make it awesome for locals and visitors alike. Make it a model of environmental sustainability. Please don’t widen the runway because the big business people say it’s necessary. It’s simply not necessary.

Kate Spencer