Please support the Buddy Program with your vote |

Please support the Buddy Program with your vote

I am so proud to have been an employee at the Buddy Program for 16 years. One of our strongest funding partnerships over the years has been with Healthy Community Fund, a dedicated property tax in Pitkin County that offers financial support to organizations in the community working on health and human service issues. This continued partnership has supported our organization’s critical work to empower youth through mentoring experiences in order to achieve their full potential. Our organization would not be able to serve over 520 youth annually, almost half of whom live in Pitkin County and many more whose parents work in Pitkin County, without this funding.

On Nov. 6, Pitkin County residents will be asked to extend and increase the Healthy Community Fund. I urge voters to pass this tax to not only support the Buddy Program, but 70 other local nonprofit organizations that work to promote the social, emotional, physical and economic well-being of our citizens and workers.

Perhaps you have known someone who has benefitted from the support the Buddy Program provides, perhaps you have been a Big Buddy yourself or volunteered at one of our events. If so, you know the power of our work and the importance of our continued work in Pitkin, Eagle and Garfield counties all of which is provided at no cost to our youth or families. Please help us to continue this important work and vote “yes” on extending and increasing the Healthy Community Fund. As one young person recently wrote to us “I wouldn’t be where I am without you guys. You have always been right by me the entire time (I have been involved with the Buddy Program), helping as much as possible. Thank you so much for your support!”

Lindsay Lofaro