Please, spare Missouri Heights |

Please, spare Missouri Heights

My name is Barbara Brett and I am a longtime homeowner in Missouri Heights. I am going to completely let my feelings be known to all of those who find it necessary to weigh in on this project, Ascendigo — especially you who are from who-knows-where or locals who don’t even live in the vicinity of this ridiculous proposed development.

As a permanent homeowner, I have invested everything I have to live in this beautiful, uncrowded, rural residential, agricultural area. How dare you accuse us of not being mindful of the children to benefit from this program? It is you, Ascendigo, that is not being mindful of the current property owners and neighbors of this property!

This has nothing to do with these children and everything to do with the wildlife, the water table, the fire danger, the egress, the night sky. It is a tremendous program benefiting children from all over, but not the right place!

Yes, if not Ascendigo, there will be homes. Likely occupied two to three months or weeks a year. Even if they are occupied full-time, the impact would be dramatically less to those of us in close proximity and the environment.

I read a letter from a CPA in Carbondale this morning declaring this project to be one of the biggest job producers in Garfield County! Ha! This is a residential area! We did not move here to live next door to a commercial development. This is plainly and simply just wrong!

How dare this group come in and assume that it is OK? That we should welcome such a development right next to our homes? What on earth …

Please, will someone of authority or sanity step up to help us defend our neighborhood. This is so pitifully unfair. Thank you for allowing me this platform to voice an opinion for myself and, I know, many of my neighbors and friends.

Ascendigo, a beautiful program for another place …

Barbara Brett

Missouri Heights