Please spare Aspen area mountain lions |

Please spare Aspen area mountain lions

When I lived on an appropriately named promontory near the confluence of the Snake and Salmon rivers in Idaho called Icicle Flats, a mountain lion family was no more than a mile away. I seldom saw them. Occasionally, mama lion would let out a scream.

Once I thought I was being stalked when I heard a rustling in the underbrush on one of my strolls through the forest. Somehow, I was sure mama had no intention of harming me. She just wanted to make sure I didn’t come near her cubs.

Y’see, mountain lions don’t want to have anything to do with people. They see us as dirty, smelly, noisy critters to be avoided.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife shouldn’t be planning to increase the hunting quota on mountain lions because the lions are intruding on our territory. We’re moving in on theirs. Everybody wants to live and recreate in the wilderness and they don’t think about the impact on wildlife.

How fair is that? It’s as if a trespasser came onto your property and shot you because he thought you posed a threat to him. Some hunters read Genesis 1:26 that man shall hold dominion over the beasts of the field and believe hold dominion means kill. It doesn’t. Hold dominion means have sovereignty or control. Control sounds more like anesthetizing and moving to another area to me.

I did some hunting in my Idaho days. I killed and ate a few deer and elk. I can’t imagine shooting a mountain lion. All they do is climb a tree and wait for you to blow them away and the meat must be as stringy as hell.

Fred Malo Jr.


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