Please brake for wildlife on Aspen roads |

Please brake for wildlife on Aspen roads

Just because you may not frequently see moose, bears or other wildlife during your daily activities does not change the fact they are all around all of the time.

I had a couple of encounters recently reinforcing this fact. Driving down Independence Pass back into town one early evening a very large moose, followed by a much smaller one, leaped right in front of my vehicle. I always go the speed or lower just for this reason.

I honestly care more about wildlife than getting somewhere faster whether on the pass or some highway. Fortunately the cars behind me were not tailing me, which is often the case when you are not speeding on the pass, and I was able to break without getting rear ended. Again, within a few weeks, two large bears on the pass leapt into the forest right in front of me once again requiring me to quickly react by braking.

Please don’t exceed the speed limit if you care about our wildlife.

Natalie Blanchard