Playing second-fiddle to Jazz Aspen VIPS |

Playing second-fiddle to Jazz Aspen VIPS

I just read the letter Richard Downing wrote concerning JAS Aspen’s lack of concern for locals and I must say I couldn’t agree more (“JAS lacks interest in locals,” April 21, The Aspen Times).

Back in 2018, I bought two tickets for the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, one for the early and one for the late show; I believe the cost was $120 total. A week or two later I got a phone call from a woman who works for JAS Aspen. She said that they made a mistake putting those tickets on sale and they were adding dinner to both shows, so if I wanted to keep the tickets it would be an extra $130. I explained that I bought the tickets in good faith, that I was a working man, and an extra $130 was a little too rich for my blood and could some arrangement be made to accommodate me, an asterisk next to my name on the list, something. She let me twist in the wind for a week or so and then called back and said sorry, no deal, all events subject to change, etc. So no concerts for me.

Growing up, my father taught me if you make a mistake, you correct your mistake, even if it costs you money. He called that integrity, something it would appear JAS Aspen lacks. I haven’t bought a ticket for a JAS Aspen event since and I don’t plan too. I’ve never read the fine print on any of my JAS Aspen tickets but I’m sure somewhere it says, “JAS Aspen, we don’t care, we don’t have too.”

Chip Nealy

New Castle

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