Playing into Putin’s hand |

Playing into Putin’s hand

It is fiction that we are living in peace. Putin is pleased. Our mass murder-suicide culture is insane, and Putin is pleased. It costs us so much emotionally and financially, and Putin is pleased. Our stature in the world has been hurt by the Q-inspired Jan. 6 riot, and Putin is ecstatic.

Imagine the size of Putin’s personal security force, the size, the equipment, everything, the bribes he pays for it. I’m sure he knows his number one risk is a suicide-assassination.

He’s got multiple levels of control — bribes, threats, imprisonment, the license to kill. Like any good conman, he reeled in Trump slowly. I’m pretty sure it started out as pure hedonistic let’s-cheat-on-our-wives-with-these-prostitutes at Trump’s Moscow beauty pageant. Then they started talking about Trump building Trump Moscow, the biggest newest Trump-named skyscraper; that’s a big hook for your fish.

Tom Mooney