Planning firm messing with Aspen’s future

Bendon Adams, a company that owns no property in Aspen, has asked the City Council to consider increasing the density of a major portion of Aspen, changing the current code which allows for single home or duplex to multi -family apartments, condos, and housing projects in already heavily dense areas with not enough parking.

As I understand it, the City Council does not know who is behind this request or what properties are targeted but they accepted this request.


But it does not stop there.

What will be the impact of such a major change in density on the schools? On the police? On transportation?

What will be the impact on Aspen’s central core? Will there be lines one must wait in everywhere? What will the financial impact be? Will properties devalue?

Impact on visitors/tourists — will they want to come to a big-cty atmosphere? What will be the impact on residents?

These studies will need to be undertaken by professionals who know what they are doing. It will take money. A lot of money. Has Bendon Adams offered to give the city what will no doubt be hundreds of thousands of dollars to undertake these studies? Will the City be able to select the professionals needed so we know the results are impartial?

I own a place in Aspen and over the years I have seen Aspen change (a lot) as more and more part- time wwners are spending considerable more time here and more and more housing is being smashed into the core. Massive protects are being approved without adequate parking or much long term thought.

Seems like the only thought process is the less green space, the more cars, less parking, and more pollution, the better we will are be?! How can this improve the quality of life for anyone in Aspen? In the summertime, getting in the car to go anywhere is a Xanax moment! Parking is impossible and only getting worse!

If the City Council approves this request, without the proper studies, I like many others, will be living in a city headed for outer space looking for a new planet.

Susan Sumner