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Pitkin County’s trash ordinance will not stand

I have lived at my present location up the Crystal River for over 30 years, and I have received trash pick-up here the entire time. Recently I was informed, via the new Pitkin County trash ordinance, that my monthly bill will increase from $42 to $90, an increase of 108%.

I have spoken at length with the district manager of my trash company, as well as the head of the Pitkin County landfill, Cathy Hall. The explanation for this obscene price increase has both sides pointing fingers at one another.

Interestingly, on its run up the Crystal River Valley, my company’s trash truck picks up trash first in Garfield County, then proceeds up river to pick up mine in Pitkin County, then on up the Crystal River to pick up trash in Gunnison County. All of the three counties’ trash share the same truck. Upon filling the truck, the driver exits the valley, turns left, and goes downvalley to either Garfield County or Rifle. Our trash never goes up valley to Pitkin County. However, my Pitkin County trash in this truck sees an 108% increase ($42 monthly to $90 monthly) in price.

During a conversation with my county commissioner, George Newman, I was told that the sole reason for this ordinance is to reduce waste for the Pitkin County landfill and extend the landfill’s life.

People are forced to pay for recycling so that these materials will be hauled a great distance (i.e. Denver) and not to the Pitkin County landfill. Recycling has never been available to me or anyone in the Crystal River Valley, nor do I want it at this incredibly steep price increase. My trash never hits the Pitkin County landfill. I am receiving zero, nada, nothing for a 108% increase in my trash bill. Common sense dictates that there are numerous areas in Pitkin County for which this ordinance is totally inappropriate.

The commissioners have the power to tweak this ordinance, according to Mr. Newman. He said that he will bring it up at the next commissioners meeting, and that people may go online to apply for an exemption with Cathy Hall at http://www.LandfillRule.comordinance, or may call Newman at 970-618-9972.

Please speak loudly to correct this injustice.

Skip and Mary Harutun