Pitkin County’s feel-good posturing

As businessman, citizen and taxpayer of Pitkin County for over 30 years, I have been continually disappointed in our local government. Capricious, feel-good rules have steadily eroded our commercial base. The city and county spending budgets are completely out of control as they buy up property, build to house more bureaucrats and take property out of the productive tax base. They are spreading the tax burden on remaining properties while skyrocketing their budgets.

Now they want to pronounce feel-good rules that defy the rule of law. The Pitkin County commissioners and Sheriff Joe DiSalvo should be ashamed of themselves. They shoot off their mouths about becoming a sanctuary city and then wonder why the rule of law should not apply to them. They have civil responsibilities to protect and serve the taxpayers and not lawbreakers.

Individuals who came to this country illegally are draining our social services resources. I personally have worked over 60 years to build up those resources and do not appreciate being trampled by lawbreakers. Local citizens should realize that lawbreakers are taking their jobs. These lawbreakers are driving down wages that legal citizens need to feed their families. Let’s just forget all of the additional lawbreaking expenses attached to their behavior.

DiSalvo talks about ”morality” for lawbreakers. Our sheriff is more concerned about the moral issues for lawbreakers than for our local legal citizens he is sworn to protect and defend. Please do your job, stay out of politics and stop promoting and quoting false news.

DiSalvo said he has not heard any negative discourse about his sanctuary city position. Well, we legal citizens have productive issues to deal with like providing for and protecting our family. Commissioner Steve Child said, “This is the one of the most important resolutions Pitkin County has ever passed.” That says a lot about the quality of our county commissioners.

Get off of your high horse and do a responsible job for our legal citizens.

Gailen Smith