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Pitkin County recycling fees aren’t mandatory

This letter is in response to the Harutuns’ letter regarding Pitkin County’s new recycling surcharge (“County’s trash ordinance will not stand,” Sept. 5, aspentimes.com).

First, I would strongly urge the Harutuns to shop around with other trash-hauling companies. I also live up the Crystal, across from the KOA, and I only pay $73.50 a quarter for one trash can.

Second, my experience with the county was smooth and very accommodating. I contacted my trash company when I received their notice regarding the new recycling fee. They said that I could file for an exemption and to contact the landfill. I called the landfill and they referred me to their website for the exemption form. I explained on the form that I have been taking my recycling to Glenwood previously, and now to South Canyon for many years. I submitted it and got my exemption a couple of days later from Cathy Hall. Easy peazy!

People are not forced to pay for recycling.

Melissa Waters

Crystal River Valley