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Pitkin County, Democrats forget the working class

Now that the Mask Gestapo has decided to fully infiltrate our lives, everyone please make sure that you submit your affidavit with the Pitkin County Politboro if you find yourself possessed with the incurable desire to visit a county that is completely consumed with COVID hysteria.

Pitkin has had two deaths to date from COVID — both back in March. How many people have died from drugs and alcohol since then? Yet our genius commissioners and governor decided to continue to feed their tax-rich addictions to alcohol and cannabis shops and revenue while putting countless people out of business — and will continue to do so. Must be nice to get your salaries off the backs of the hardworking people you are killing.

I was a loyal Democrat for 30 years until I became an independent six years ago when it became clear that most of the Democrats I had voted for didn’t really care anymore about working-class Americans who follow the rules. Too few — including our sheriff and former president Barack Obama (who I sadly voted for twice) — condemned the lawlessness of rioting, arson and looting when they could have made a difference. Instead they fanned the flames — literally — with incendiary comments like Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo’s quote “In the last 300 years, we have not progressed at all on the issue of race.” I guess the millions of voters like me who voted for Obama don’t count, huh, Joe?

If this type of behavior continues from Democrats, I will never vote Democrat again.

The two-party system has destroyed this country — how can any sensible person deny that? It’s a great debate to discuss how dirty both major parties and many of their candidates have been during the past few years (and 2020 in particular). Exploitation of COVID and BLM by the media and leftist jurisdictions may be the most destructive and costly of all those dirty tactics in 2020.

You want to be healthy? Embrace life! Clear the real estate in your mind that the media and the internet have filled with endless hangups and absurdity.

It is high time for the American Centrist Party 2022. Live free or die.

David Johnson


Editor’s note: Over the weekend, Pitkin County reported a third death from COVID-19.

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