Pitkin County Commissioner election for District 1

The issues currently being addressed by the Board of County Commissioners are complex. Although candidates run by district, they are elected at large. Decisions made by the commissioners directly impact our lives — whether related to transportation (Buses, air travel or automobile), education, communication among local, state and national agencies, housing, social needs, business opportunities, employee needs, health and environment, medical care, recreational needs and opportunities, child care opportunities, housing, water issues and relationships with other county agencies. The list goes on and on.

A new perspective, a new voice, a new board member’s approach to issues, a new audience of community influence would benefit the totality of the views and audiences for the commissioners, leading to a more broad, investigative and open environment.

Now, more than ever, as our communities grow and as our expanded needs must be addressed, we need to open the windows to new approaches, new views and options, new ways leading to involvement, discussion and creative solutions.

Rob Ittner is a candidate for the position of county commissioner in Pitkin County, District 1. As a successful business owner in Aspen with a background in finance and accounting, Ittner brings an additional set of views, concepts and ideas to the commissioners for consideration.

Moreover, we get the best of both worlds with Ittner. He served us well for four years, so he already has the experience and knows what the job is all about. Let’s bring him back and respect that term limits are in place for a reason.

Dorothea Farris