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Pitkin County Board of Health for 1A

The Pitkin County Board of Health encourages voters to vote “yes” on ballot measure 1A for renewal of the Healthy Community Fund.

As state and federal demands for county-supplied health care increase, we rely on our Healthy Community Fund to cover those mandated costs. The Healthy Community Fund supports more than 70 local agencies, including the mandated ones, which leverage their seed-money grants as many as 20 times turning our $3 million investment into a $60 million return that directly benefits our community.

Recipients include many local nonprofits that benefit young children, youth and seniors from across our community. Everyone in our valley is touched in a positive way by the Healthy Community Fund. The Healthy Community Fund is the envy of other communities that do not have this mechanism of support. Please vote “yes” on 1A.

Markey Butler, Christina King, Tom Kurt, Chris Miller, Brent Miller, Ann Mullins and Greg Poschman

Pitkin County Board of Health