Pitco’s vax program is discriminatory

Hypocrisy has the potential to unite our divisive politicians and community.

Currently, there’s much going on about a woman’s right to choose in our country. Generally, conservatives are pro-life and liberals are pro-choice. Yet with regard to COVID-19 mandates, generally, conservative are pro-choice and liberals are pro-vax/mask. How interesting! I believe we all have the right to choose and deserve autonomy to make medical decisions on our own.

The civil rights act was initially created to put an end to racial inequalities. Since its origination the protected class has expanded to include race, color, religion/creed, national origin, sex (including gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation and gender identity), age, physical or mental disability, veteran status, genetic information, citizenship. Title II prevents businesses from refusing entry to the protected class. Yet businesses locally and nationally put up signs saying no shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service; how trite.

And now our businesses are asking for proof of vaccination for entry. Is this not discriminatory? Is it not a form of segregation? Is it not against the spirit of the law? Will we next segregate our children into pools of vaccinated and unvaccinated in school? How traumatizing! The vaccine does not protect against infection, which is now indisputable.

The Pitkin County Board of Health is coercing business to institute vaccine passports via the Fully Vaccinated Facility Program. Restaurants with employees who are fully vaccinated and that institute vaccine passports don’t need to utilize masks as a layer of protection. Yet vaccinated can contract and spread Covid, so why not keep the policy in place for all restaurants instead of restaurants participating in the program? If the hospital suspends elective surgeries this winter to accommodate Covid patients, then indoor dining will be restricted to 50% for restaurants that have not participated in the Fully Vaccinated Facility Program. This is coercive, discriminatory and nonsensical.

Perhaps my hope that hypocrisy unites us is misplaced.

Nic Caiano