Pinball COVID |

Pinball COVID

COVID-19 is without question bad! Communications about the virus are in shambles, and millions of people are almost totally freaked out. Do I need one shot, two, three and more in the future? What flavor of vaccine is best? Can I mix them and create my own COVID cocktail?

The elements creating such panic and misconception are quite visible: The media, for one, interviewing just about everyone for their view other than the virus itself. Then we have scientists running the vaccination program. We all benefit from their collective cures and inventions yet the last person you want running anything is a zero-risk scientist.

Add disjointed and lost-in-the-weeds governments at all levels and within all parties. Who could possibly believe anything these folks say as their words are all tied to future votes? Bringing in the CDC that operates like three blind mice even holding press meetings with tears. Finally comes the infamous FDA, which has approved some 80,000 chemicals to go into the food we eat yet cannot get its arms around a virus that could infect and kill us all. Amazing.

We, the independently thinking vaccinated and unvaccinated, have become the shining steel ball in this galactic pinball cluster created by those charged with protecting as many of us as possible from the dreaded virus. Where is the so badly needed hall monitor to rein in this madness and deliver a viable solution we can all together as one live with?

There are no bad people out there, just all of us who are rightfully and regrettably confused by a total lack of clear understanding, guidance and leadership. The steel ball is hit by another flipper. Bing, bing, chang, bing!

John Runne


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