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Picking on the conservative ‘tumbleweeds’

If liberals are “snowflakes,” then conservatives are “tumbleweeds.”

While a single snowflake may appear inconsequential, if enough of them congregate in one area they can create an avalanche of truly destructive force, wiping out all in their path. Additionally snowflakes eventually support everything around them by providing necessary sustenance. Turn the heat up on a snowflake and it transforms into one of the most vital elements for survival.

On the other hand, a tumbleweed is old and dried up, if not dead already. They are prickly and like to stick together. Tumbleweeds have no roots, cannot continue their existence on their own and are subject to the whims of the wind. They are not native to this land, and there is no species of tumbleweeds indigenous to the United Sates; all of them are imported. Tumbleweeds serve no purpose but to propagate their own kind, and thus can be considered an invasive species. A large enough gathering of tumbleweeds will choke off all life around them and create fire hazards.

Interestingly tumbleweeds cannot fulfill their higher purpose without the essence of snowflakes, while snowflakes really don’t give a damn about tumbleweeds.

Thank you and have a great day.

Brian Howard