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Picking a fight with a pacifist

It is difficult for me to understand how a simple column written by Jane St. Croix Ireland on the right of women to have control of their reproductive rights turned into such an angry conversation with an Aspen Times reader (“Connecting through compassion,” guest commentary, April 8, 2017, The Aspen Times).

This seems to me to be representative of so much of what is wrong with our country today. Why can one not express an honest opinion in a public forum without the fear of angry public backlash and accusations of diminishing another?

I know Jane personally and professionally. Our friendship predates her move to Aspen to marry the love of her life.

She has a different perspective on life than some have. She is an honest and sincere person who was merely expressing her opinion about a hot-bed topic. Her responses were well-thought based on her beliefs. Her responses were an effort to have an open and honest dialog with another person. Her motive would not be to diminish another person or her beliefs. Her motive was not to pick a fight. Her motive was to express her opinion and nothing more.

Beverley Van Santen


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