Phil Weiser the best choice for Colorado attorney general

I’m voting for Phil Weiser for Colorado attorney general because he will take action on the issues that I consider important to our well-being.

First is the protection of our natural resources and the quality of our air and water, which directly impacts the enviable quality of our lives here in Colorado. Republicans are busy gutting those protections nationally. Phil has vowed to fight for them but his opponent, George Brauchler, has been silent.

Under the phony guise of deregulation, Republicans are enabling more mercury in the air from power plants and more methane from oil and gas extraction.

Fighting for affordable health care and protecting from discrimination those with pre-existing conditions are high on Phil’s agenda but don’t show up on his opponent’s agenda.

Phil also will actively fight for consumers in the state, while Republicans have eviscerated consumer protections at the federal level. He cares about the “little guy” and we’re all little guys, compared with multibillion-dollar corporations.

His opponent said standing up for Coloradans’ health care rights or consumer internet rights would be like turning the state attorney general into “some rogue Don Quixote warrior,” in a recent news interview.

Finally, Phil’s legal background far outclasses that of his opponent. As a former dean of the University of Colorado Law School and a deputy assistant attorney general in the U.S. Department of Justice, Phil gained deep, legal policy-making experience.

I’m voting for Phil Weiser’s active approach to our citizens’ interests and not his opponent’s do-nothing approach.

Bernie Grauer