Phil Weiser for Colorado Attorney General |

Phil Weiser for Colorado Attorney General

I am voting for Phil Weiser for Attorney General because I am an immigrant. Like most Americans, who are descendants of immigrants, I came here at 18 months old after WWII from a displaced persons camp in Italy, where I was born. Immigrants are fleeing persecution and looking for a safe place. They usually work hard and start and grow businesses employing others, which is good for our economy. We need an Attorney General who will fight to protect legal immigration in Colorado, and humane and due process treatment for illegal immigrants. State Attorneys General, like those of Washington and Hawaii who fought Donald Trump’s so-called “Muslim Ban.” Other Attorneys General sued to protect the DACA recipients. They demanded an end to the family separation policy at the border. Up until now, Colorado has sat on the sidelines. Weiser, a first-generation American, will be the first to join these efforts.

Another issue that means a lot to me is that Weiser will work to protect our children from gun violence. He has taken a strong stand to ban bump stocks, enforce limits on magazine sizes and he supported a “red flag” law to temporarily take guns away from dangerous people.

With his experience working in the Obama Justice Department and for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, he understands the law and the obligation of Colorado’s Attorney General to advocate for our rights. He will have the courage to stand up for injustice. Please vote for Phil Weiser for Colorado Attorney General.

Doris Weiss