Perry Will a man of his word

In the ideology-driven, hardball world of politics, it’s hard to remember when we voted for someone based on character.

In my long life I’ve voted for only a handful of Republicans. But I’m supporting Republican Perry Will in his bid to keep his Colorado House District 57 seat. Let me tell you a story.

The state of Colorado compensates beekeepers for bear damage, and they provide beekeepers with solar-powered electric bear fencing. When Perry was my local wildlife officer, a bear got in my bees. I hit the panic button and didn’t wait for fencing from the Division of Wildlife. I went down to Hy-Way Feed and bought my own. When I inquired about reimbursement from the division, Perry could have said, “Tough luck. You didn’t follow the rules.” Instead, he acknowledged that my request was covered by the spirit, if not the letter, of the law, and he accommodated me with the stroke of a pen. That was long ago, but you remember something like that.

We need problem-solvers in the legislature. This means creative leaders who are willing to work with people with whom they might disagree, in order to promote the common good.

Perry Will has decency written all over him. When he got appointed to his seat a year ago, he summed up his political philosophy. “You’re not going to make everyone happy but at the same time, you do what’s best for the community you represent. I’ve always done that throughout my career.”

Amen, I say. I don’t expect Perry to agree with my views on every issue, but I’m confident he’ll act honorably and keep his word. These days, that’s saying a lot.

Ed Colby

New Castle