People are already doing it |

People are already doing it

Roger, normally I agree with your opinions. Your column Roger Marolt: “Technically, it will take a miracle to stop global warming” (Jan. 22) misses the target. It won’t take a miracle to stop global warming and that’s good news. Positive optimistic people, corporations and countries willing to look at solutions is all it’s gonna take. Being role models, their examples will shine a bright disinfectant light on the problem.

You write people won’t reduce their maximum speed to 50 miles per hour to reduce their gas consumption by 25%. Yeah, that’s true, but what if you could reduce your pollution by 25% and still drive 70 mph? People are already doing this. Ditch the boxy SUV. It’s true driving above 50 mph most of your gas is spent pushing air around. Aerodynamics plays the biggest role in efficiency. Compare Tesla’s air-drag coefficients with an SUV, it’s night and day. Apteras make Teslas look like SUVs.

Other solutions include storing your skis inside and carrying your bicycles on the backside and ditch the antenna flag because that reduces gas mileage by a whole mile per gallon. If you really want to help, sell your SUV and buy an Aptera all-wheel drive Luna model, you’ll become the coolest dad in town.

You missed the point that charging an EV sustainably with clean renewable energy reduces ones fossil-fuel carbon footprint/gas bill by 100%. People are already doing this.

Tom Mooney