Pence team can pay for their Aspen visits |

Pence team can pay for their Aspen visits

Friday’s piece on costs from Vice President Pence’s visit in July is head-spinning (“Pence visit to Aspen underscores murky area of campaign finance law,” Did the $18,175 paid by two local benefactors, only after a considerable outcry, to cover Sheriff’s Office expenses providing additional security for Pence’s lavish fundraising visit constitute political donations subject to federal election laws?

Apparently, the sum covered Sheriff’s Offices costs (and other agencies’) and not those of Aspen and Snowmass.

Chris Murray, a Denver Republican election lawyer, argues local law enforcement is obligated to help support the Secret Service during presidential visits. Vice President Pence was not in town on official White House business. He was here holding a $35,000-a-couple lunch at the Caribou Club, after which he and his team of committed public servants retired to the Limelight in Snowmass, I have no doubt to hold strategy sessions on preventing the next mass shooting or making sure no more kids have to drink lead-laced water.

Why should we pay for additional security for this vice president while he raises money from wealthy supporters? Why should we pay for the security of a man whose significant achievement as Indiana governor was sanctioning discrimination against LGBTQ people, whose sole claim to his office is the preposterous imprimatur of Christian values he lends this barbaric president?

Sure, they’ve stacked the courts with men with probably their share of frat party indiscretions (two now sit on the highest court), now more than ready to legislate women’s bodies. Somewhat harder to explain is the maximum cruelty inflicted on children, throwing those fleeing violence and poverty into prisons while deporting those with cancer and muscular dystrophy back to the very same violence and poverty.

I’d say the next time Mr. Pence visits, he and his rich supporters pay for their own security. Perhaps with some of that tax-break money.

Will Hodges