Pay our teachers fairly, vote yes for 5B |

Pay our teachers fairly, vote yes for 5B

I am writing to show my support for ballot initiative 5B, supporting our teachers in the Roaring Fork School District.

I for one, am sick and tired of seeing my colleagues leave the teaching profession to “push snow,” “polish silverware” or “sell solar,” but unfortunately those alternatives currently pay better. I am also sick and tired of seeing peers leave the valley to teach elsewhere since they cannot afford to live in our little slice of paradise. I truly believe that we teachers make a difference and that we are helping shape the lives of our students for the better. Without a change in our compensation, unfortunately, I believe that we will see a continued exodus of highly skilled, deeply caring, and incredibly professional staff for “greener pastures.”

Please, take the time this election to vote for teachers and support 5B.

Eric Vozick