Patti Clapper a good choice for Pitkin County |

Patti Clapper a good choice for Pitkin County

Patti Clapper is a warrior for Pitkin County, there is no doubt in my mind that she will be re-elected for the fifth time. She is running undefeated, I believe this is due to her listening to what the community has to say (while being able to say how unrealistic some of those ideas are), by getting things done instead of just coming up with ‘ideas’, by taking initiative while others stand still and by moving mountains for what is right for our next generation (her grand babies and your children).

Too many people are not voting, now more than ever, because they feel their vote won’t matter and change isn’t happening anyway. Well, all I have to say is change won’t happen if you are too lazy or stubborn to go out and vote for what you feel is right!

Election time is almost upon us and ballots will be mailed out next month, so please re-evaluate your choice and use your right to VOTE in this upcoming election…

Traci Turner

Glenwood Springs