Patriotism is not bipartisan |

Patriotism is not bipartisan


I have many friends with whom I disagree about some of our Government’s policies, but we all agree on one thing: We are patriotic in the extreme.

Sadly, I contrast that with what I see among many of the more partisan GOP members. Can’t we all agree that our government’s job is to preserve and protect our nation and ALL of its people?

Many support Trump, and I respect that. But how can any patriot support actions that are just plain injurious to our country? How can the extremists support not starting a transition? How can they continue to argue that there is rampant fraud when numerous courts have found none? How can they support acts of simple vengeance or revenge? How can they argue that it is OK to frustrate a very likely incoming president’s efforts to get ready to govern? How can they say national security, or financial stewardship may be hindered in the name of patriotism?

Even if Trump were to switch one or two states to his side, how is it patriotic to build such walls now? Why won’t ALL Republicans stand up for our country as a whole and tell Trump that he must be patriotic too? Isn’t that the very least we expect of our presidents, and of our respective parties?

Parker Maddux