Parents show reckless disregard for Aspen community |

Parents show reckless disregard for Aspen community

To the parents who have rocked our COVID parent world,

I just want to express this note as a word of caution to all families and parents in our community. We are living through a real example and are seeing firsthand how we are truly all in this together.

After various Pitkin County health calls, emails, doctor calls and stress, my daughter is now home for a 14-day quarantine because of your reckless and irresponsible actions. A family, who I know who you are, sent their child on Nov. 4 to their respective pre-school and after-school sports program when both parents didn’t feel well on Tuesday and then that Wednesday (the day they sent their child) had “severe sore throats and total loss of smell & taste” and was waiting for a test approval.

You should be truly ashamed. Your irresponsibly and action of putting your “job” or whatever you had to do on those two days as more important than everyone else who is now in quarantine is completely and utterly selfish. You have not only caused a great deal of emotional stress, financial loss and households turned upside down, but you’ve sent a message to all your fellow Aspen citizens. I know of seven different institutions and over 100 affected individuals that are now having to quarantine thanks to you. Thank you for being the example parents as to “not what to do” and letting us all learn a little better to playing it safe, with that minor sore throat or runny nose.

The snowball effect of this particular case and your actions have been the worse we have seen in the valley so far and will likely stretch the health care and educational facilities to a breaking point. Let’s all have a little more decency and please know, I won’t be saying your name publicly, but I do hope you’re reading this and shame on you.

Vanessa Adam